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EMC Solution
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EMC Solution

We have over a 20 year track record in developing anechoic chambers, shield rooms for EMC with EMC suppression products/components, EMC testing, EMC diagnosis and electromagnetic-wave absorbers. Due to our total internal design and development system we can answer to all your needs.

Design concept for open test sites based on various standards and regulations and development of electromagnetic wave absorbers with excellent absorption characteristics enable us to provide you with easy-to-use anechoic chambers, Moreover, we respond to the need for anechoic boxes (for microwave/experiment) and security shielded rooms with special specifications.

Aftercare service is also in place, and skilled maintenance personnel give checkups. We promise exact, rapid organized support.

the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture for special construction
Kanagawa Prefecture Governor License (Toku-19) No. 66858.

Construction Example of an Anechoic Chamber
Construction Example of an Attached Facility

〒213-0023 神奈川県川崎市高津区子母口398番地 特定建設業の取得  許可番号: 神奈川県知事許可(特-24)第66858号